To be the Bridge between you and an once in a lifetime Experience by, sharing our passion, building a deeper connection, adding personal touches which results in one of a kind journeys and satisfying experience for our guests.

Mistral Anampa

Owner / Storyteller Guide

Greetings, my name is Mistral Anampa I’m the owner and founder of DC Nation Transportation founded in 2010 and DC Nation Guided Tours founded in 2016. 
I’m a solo owner of both companies. Through these years I oversaw the continuous business growth of DC Nation Guided tours and Transportation. 
I’m an entrepreneur and creative DC Certified Bilingual Tour Director & Transportation Manager.  I’m also a certified travel Agent. 

Born In Peru and moved to the USA in 2007 at age of 19. I’m an active member of the Guild of professional tour guides of Washington DC and we are an affiliate member.  I’m one of the Area Representatives of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Association 2021. I’m a board Member of the Washington Area Concierge association 2021.  I’m a Bilingual tourist guide and also hold a Commercial Driver License to drive Motorcoaches. I dearly love hospitality and I found my purpose in life which is to serve and gift my service to my guests. DC Nation Guided Tours believes that your safety and comfort is our number one priority. Our motor coaches are fully equipped with safety equipment, hand sanitizer, disposable masks, ponchos, cold bottled water, and individually wrapped snacks.

We use modern technology which supports an independent travel experience. Our transponder and earpiece technology allows you to enjoy our commentary delivered directly to each guest. It is a more private and exclusive experience providing greater access to the guide’s commentary. There is no need for shouting or gathering closely. You have more freedom to experience the historic sites you visit.

DC Nation Tours offers a differentiated experience in several ways. In our night tours we incorporated LED bracelets that allow our guests to identify their groups without getting lost or left behind. We are welcoming, safe, and our great teamwork will ensure that your tour experience is in keeping with our high customer care standards from booking until the end of your tour.
 All of our guides are trained consistent with International standards of interpretation and are passionate about the DC discovery that awaits you and your family. Our tours are fun and factual. We like to add humor, intrigue and stories that will inspire you. We visually explore each site and use the tangible object to explore the intangible meaning or feeling that it evokes in us. We go beyond the historical facts and provoke your curiosity by revealing the hidden stories and the fascinating connections between the past, the present and even the future. This cultural experience will provide wonderful pictures and videos
and it will also evoke ideas and values that you will continue to inspire you along your life’s journey.

I welcome you to come smile with us in Washington, D.C.


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